Basic Config

Easy Property Listings contains settings that need to be configured once activated.

This document will explain each of the settings pages and what needs to be done once you activate Easy Property Listings

General Settings

So once you've activated Easy Property Listings the first thing you want to do is jump over to the general settings page in WordPress by visiting:

Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Settings.

General Settings - Easy Property Listings 1.2

Here is where you can activate the listing types you want to feature on your website.

  • Property (Residential For Sale)
  • Rental (Listings that are for rent)
  • Land (Land property for sale)
  • Rural (Farms, larger rural property for sale)
  • Commercial (Commercial property for sale and/or for lease)
  • Commercial Land (Commercial Land for sale)
  • Business (Business for sale)

A lot of residential real estate companies, handle property for sale, they often also handle rentals for lease and land for sale. Other real estate companies may specialize just in commercial property that is for sale and for lease or business sales. Some may work with all of the listing types for one website.

It's best to activate the ones you need and leave the other ones deactivated.

The other settings are for the website currency where you can also adjust the currency position, the thousand separator and decimal separator, so it should work wherever you are in the world.

You can modify the location label, which is very important to do at the start because this is the name of your taxonomy for your listings. The default is Suburb as we are in Australia. But this is where you can make it city, or town, or region, or any name that is applicable to you in your region.

The debug setting on the page currently enables the display of the property coordinates inside the dashboard.

Activated Custom Post Types - Easy Property Listings - 2Once you've set these press Save Changes.

Now what's going to happen is and how WordPress works with custom post types is your Dashboard menu will looks like nothing's changed, so just refresh your page and you will now see the activated listing custom post types under the Easy Property Listings menu.

Display and Template Settings

These settings mostly effect the front end display, so add a listing fill in the details and when you adjust the settings below, check your result. Come back here and adjust to suit your design and theme.

Display and Template Settings - Easy Property Listings 1.2

Bond (Weeks up front rent)

Bond is the tenants up-front payment required before starting a lease, often this is four weeks rent.

The default is off but if you want to display the bond amount after the rental amount you can show what the tenant needs to pay, bond up-front before renting the property.

Gallery of Images

You can also enable automatic output of attached images in a WordPress gallery on your listings.

The way it works is that when you are adding or editing a listing and you press the Add Media button like you would a post or page these images will be included in the gallery.

If you're a WordPress developer you can use the included filters or create a custom template or use a light box plugin like Easy FancyBox that automatically turns WordPress galleries into a pop out light box.

You can also adjust the number of gallery columns to suit your front end display. If they are too small or big just come back here and adjust you setting.

Feature List

This is the number of columns of property features you want to appear, so your listings may often have ten features ticked or added to the features taxonomy and here is where you can adjust the number of columns displayed.

You can set the number of columns and come back and adjust it later, to suit your page design and look.


The excerpt word length is the number of words that are displayed on the archive page.

Your theme may have huge fonts and need less words or small and need more words, adjust the number of words to suit your theme and to get the look you want.


The suburb city label again we change that to suburb so we'll leave that the same. Again you can make that city or region.

Post code is great for Australia and other countries but you may need this to be zip code. Set that here.

The home open label you may want to change to Open House, or Open For Inspection or whatever you need.

No Price label is for when the property is marketed with a hidden price like Offers, POA (Price on Application) or Contact Agent for Price, this is the default display for no price. Each listing can be individually changed with the Price text field.

Once you're happy with your settings and setup press Save Changes.

Notes on other real estate themes and plugins

If you are unable to see the Easy Property Listings menu or once you activate the Property post type some of the settings aren't quite right this is due to a confilct with another real estate plugin or theme that provides real estate options that use the same custom post types. 

Select another theme or figure out how to disable the property system in your theme. This is how WordPress works and there is no need for a redundant property listing system inside another theme.