Set a Google Maps API Key

In order to display a Google Map on your listings you need to get a Google Maps API key registered to your website and enter the key into Easy Property Listings.

Register for a  Google Maps API Key here.
Once you create a key for your website, copy the key and enter it into Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Settings > Advanced Settings > Google Maps API

Once set save your changes.

If having problems with your Google Maps API

Login to your Google Console and ensure billing is enabled as this is a necessary process with Google Maps.

Additionally ensure that these API's are enabled, just click the name and press enable.

How to HTTP restrict a Google Maps API key

First from the Google Console Dashboard select your project from the top. Then from the API dashboard box press Go to APIs overview.

From here select the Credentials option on the left.

Press the pen on the key you want to edit.

Enter in your FULL website URL. 

  •*   (if using www)

NOTE: The instructions say ** but this DOESN't work. Enter in the full URL EG: 

NOTE: You cannot use HTTP restriction for FeedSync. For FeedSync configure a separate Key and use IP restriction.