How to Add a Listing to Easy Property Listings

Watch this video to see how you can quickly add a listing. Each listing type that you activate has different fields and settings, this video shows you how to add a residential property for sale listing. The same principals apply to the other listing types.


Add a Listing TitleTitle

When a property is being sold the "heading" is frequently changed and can cause link issues. Not to mention the search engine benefits. Use the full listing address as the title.

Content Editor

Enter your descriptive text for your listing here. Add images, insert shortcodes, or plain text.


Set the primary listing agent as the author. Update your contact details, bio and social media links from your profile.

Add a GalleryFeatured Image

Set your featured property image.

Listing Image Gallery

Add a gallery of images to your listings with the WordPress Add Media button.

If set to automatic, just upload your images to the listing and press x to close the media upload box once the images are attached to the listing.

Listing Details

Add Listing DetailsHeading

Enter the descriptive listing headline like "Great Property with Views".

Second Listing Agent

If the listing has two real estate agents marketing it, enter their WordPress user name here. The primary agent is the post Author.

Inspection Times

Add your inspection dates.

Search by location

Location Search TaxonomyAlthough the address details are added into the Property Address box the location search you also need to add the City/Suburb to the location search taxonomy. This works like post tags and will populate the search widget/shortcode with your listings and it will automatically filter out options if no listings have that option.


address-californiaEnter your listing address details and select if you want to display the street address or not. Once you have entered your address make sure you generate the listing coordinates.

Listing Features

Each listing type has a different set of features, this the the property and rental features.