How the Open Home / Open for Inspection System Works

Configuration #

Easy Property Listings has an open for inspection date time system you can use on your listings to display up and coming open for inspection times.

Labels displayed can also be adjusted from the plugins main settings page. See the Labels section for details on your labels.

Timezone: Ensure your website is set to the correct timezone as your inspection times will be automatically removed from your listings when the date/time has passed. Goto Dashboard > Settings > General and set the Timezone to your location.

Note: Inspection times will automatically disappear if its before the current date time (based on the site timezone settings).

Overview #

The Inspection Times section when editing a listing controls the displayed times that will appear on your listings. They will also be automatically be removed when the date/time has passed the current time. That means you MUST configure the website timezone settings correctly for your location.

Add Inspection Times #

Use the date picker to select a date and the time picker to set the time.

Date Selection: Select the date box and the calendar will appear allowing you to select the date of the inspection.

Hour Selection: Select the time boxes to select the start and end times.

Minute Selection: Select the time boxes to select the start and end times. 

Press Add when complete. The pervious date selected will be retained when adding subsequent date/times.

Add as many as required. Ensure they are past the current date/time based on your website timezone settings.

Developer Templates #

The Open Homes feature will be displayed on your templates using the epl_property_inspection_times hook. Add this to your custom template:

<?php do_action('epl_property_inspection_times'); ?>

The above will display the Home Open title and the times past the current date/time.