How to mark a listing as featured

You can mark listings as featured and filter them on your website using the included widgets and shortcodes. See extensions for additional widget types. 

Visit any listing type page

Press the featured star icon to instantly feature your listings.

Edit a listing

While on new post or edit post screen, scroll down to Display Details section. Select to mark the listing as featured. Update your listing to save changes.

Displaying featured listings in widgets 

You can then select Featured Properties in the EPL - Listing Widget to display featured listings.

Displaying featured listings with shortcodes

Use the featured value in your shortcodes. Combine them with other shortcode options like status, type, location anything really.

Shortcode: [listing] Shortcode

[listing featured=on]

Shortcode: [listing_advanced] Shortcode

Using this shortcode any number of listing data filterscan be used here in combination with the featured filtering system.

[listing_advanced featured=yes]

Shortcode: [listing_category]

Using the  [listing_category] Shortcode you can filter by any meta key that a listing has. For even more flexibility implement the [listing_advanced] shortcode.

The featured listing meta key is called:


If you want to display all featured property listings using the [listing_category] shortcode, use the following.

[listing_category post_type="property" category_key="property_featured" category_value="yes"]