Listing Widget

Listing widget with options for image size, order, random, status and more which means you can quickly setup featured listings that dynamically change saving you hours of custom query coding or needing separate plug-ins.

Set random for a dynamic site which creates a unique experience for every visitor. With flexible display options, it can be placed anywhere your theme allows for a widget.

EPL - Listing Widget Settings

Query Settings

Listing Type: Select the listing types that you want to include in the widgets results. Hold Ctrl or Command on the Mac to select multiples.

Listing Status: Select the listing status that you wan to include in the widgets results. Hold Ctrl or Command on the Mac to select multiples.

Number of Properties: This is the total number of listing results the widget will display.

Properties to Skip: If you have multiple widgets configured on the same page, with the same query settings, use this to skip records.

Featured Properties: Only display listings that are featured.

Home Open Listings: Only display listings that are open for inspection.

Dynamic: When this widget is used on the archive pages it will automatically output listings.

Random Order: Randomise the display order of your listings on each page load. Great for SEO and keeping your site fresh.

Display Settings

View: Used for custom templating.

Display Style: Internal template styles, select the best one for the location.

Image Size: Select from your sites registered image size.

Icon Style: Hide or display some or all listing icons.

Property Headline: Display or hide the descriptive listing title.

Excerpt: Display or hide the listing excerpt text.

Suburb: Display or hide the location name.

Street Address: Display or hide the street address. This will also obey the listing Display address setting meaning if the listing is set to hide the address, then this setting will not display the address on that listing.

Price: Display or hide the listing price.

Read More Button:  Display or hide the button.

Inspection Times: Display or hide the inspection times.

Inspection Times iCal Link: Enable or Disable the iCal link on the inspection times.  

Read More Label: Enter the label for the button link. 

EPL - Listing Widget Frontend Display

No code necessary. Infinite options. Just select your options and save.