Contact Form Widget

Display a contact form on your site to capture visitor details.

EPL - Contact Form Widget Settings

Title: Title of the widget. Leave blank and the widget title will not display.

Description: Text that will appear before the form fields.

First Name: Display or hide the First Name Field.

Last Name: Display or hide the Last Name Field.

Email: Display or hide the Email Field.

Subject: Display or hide the Subject Field.

Message: Display or hide the Message text box Field.

Anti Spam: Display or hide the hidden anti-spam bot protection field. Recommend leaving this enabled.

Submit Label: The button label.

EPL - Contact Form Widget Frontend Display

Contact System

Once a contact has submitted her details, the info will appear in the Easy Property Listings > Contact system tagged widget. If this contact was captured on a specific listing, the listing will be linked to the contact. Repeated contacts by the same email address will continually link to the same contact.