Theme Templates for WordPress Themes

Below you will find the theme template files for many WordPress themes. 

Once you download the zip file extract and upload to your theme folder. 

* Disable Theme Compatibility Mode when using the templates below or any that you have created.

(Child theme use always recommended)

Child Theme

If you have ever made the fatal mistake of not using a child theme with your WordPress website like I have, it can be a very expensive mistake to make and one to avoid at all costs.

Some Theme frameworks or premium themes like   iThemes Builder automatically create a child theme for you when activated, but others will need to be manually created, thankfully a few minutes creating one will save you a lot of time down the road.

Here is  how and why you should always use a child theme with WordPress

* Real Estate Specific themes

We recommend avoiding using Real Estate specific themes due to duplicate functionality and conflicts that can arise with duplication of property listings coding and functionality. Unless the theme specifically states Easy Property Listings compatibility.

Links to Download Theme Templates Demos
18 Tags (Eighteen) Theme
18 Tags Demo
AccessPress Parallax Theme AccessPress Parallax Demo
Adventurous Theme
Adventurous Demo
Agent Press Pro Agent Press Pro Demo
Agritourismo Theme
Agritourismo Demo
Allegiant Theme Templates
Allegiant Pro Demo
Appulse Theme (Easy Property Listings Built in) Appulse Demo
Architekt Theme
Architekt Demo
Ares Pro
Ares Pro Demo
Artisteer Theme Demo
Astra Theme (Templates not required) Astra Demo
Avada Theme
Templates not required, just Activate EPL and add your listings.
Avada Demo
Beaver Builder Beaver Builder Demo
BeTheme BeTheme Demo
Blocksy Demo
Beyot Theme Beyot Demo
Bricks  (visit to download Child Theme)
Bridge Theme
Bridge Demo
Brixey Theme Brixey Demo
Brooklyn Theme
Brooklyn Demo
Canvas Theme
Canvas Demo
CargoPress Theme
CargoPress Demo
Cherry Framework Cherry Framework Demo
Cherry Framework 4
Childishly Simple Childishly Simple Demo
Community Pro Community Pro Demo
Construction Construction Demo
Corpus Theme Corpus Demo
Create Theme Create Demo
Crossway Theme Crossway Demo
Curation Hue Curation Hue Demo
Customizr Theme Customizr Demo
DialyMagazine Theme Demo
Directory+ Theme Directory+ Demo
Divi Theme (EPL includes DIVI) Divi Demo
Elegantbiz theme Elegant Biz Demo
Emmet Lite Theme
Emmet Lite Demo
Enfold theme Enfold Demo
Enigma Theme
Enigma Demo
Evolve Theme Evolve Demo
Felicity Theme Felicity Theme Demo
Flash ProTheme Flash Pro Theme Demo
Flatsome Theme Flatsome Theme Demo
Fortun Theme Fortun Demo
Foundry Theme
Foundry Demo
Frontier Theme Frontier Demo
Fruitful Theme Demo
F-Magazine Theme F-Magazine Demo
Gantry 5 Theme Gantry 5 Demo
GeneratePress (Child Theme)
GeneratePress Demo
GridBulliten Theme Grid Bulletin Demo
Graha Theme Graha Demo
Hello Elementor
Hello Elementor Demo
Hemingway Theme Hemingway Demo
Herald Theme
Herald Demo
Hendon Theme
Hendon Demo
Higgs Theme Higgs Theme Demo
Highend Theme Highend Demo
Impreza Theme Impreza Demo
Infinite Theme
Infinite Demo
Infinity Theme Infinity Demo
Inovado Theme Inovado Demo
Invert Theme Invert Demo
Jump Start Theme Jump Start Demo
Jupiter Theme Jupiter Demo
Kalium Theme
Kalium Demo
Karma theme Karma Demo
Kastell Theme
Kastell Demo
Kadence Pinnacle Premium Theme Demo
Kallyas Theme
Kallyas Demo
Kleo Theme
Kleo Demo
LandX Theme LandX Demo
List&Go Theme
List&Go Demo
Make Theme Make Theme Demo
Mantra Theme Mantra Theme Demo
MayaShop Theme MayaShop Demo
Mega Project theme Mega Project Demo
Minti Theme Minti Theme Demo
Modern Business Theme Modern Business Demo
Modern Real Estate Pro Modern Real Estate Pro Demo
Morpheus Theme Morpheus Demo
Movedo Theme
Movedo Demo
New Estate Theme
New Estate Demo
News Paper Times Demo
Newspaper Theme Newspaper Demo
Nirvana Theme Nirvana Demo
OceanWP Theme
OceanWP Demo
Oxygen Builder Plugin
- Use a code section and add the template hooks.
Oxygen Builder Demo
Parabola theme Parabola Demo
Patti Theme
Patti Demo
Pinnacle Theme Pinnacle Demo
Point Theme Point Demo
ProStyler Theme ProStyler Demo
Quark Theme Quark Demo
Ratio Theme
Ratio Demo
Realia Theme Realia Demo
Realtyspace Theme Realtyspace Demo
Reato child theme Realto Demo
Remodel Theme
Remodel Demo
Sahifa Theme Sahifa Demo
Salient Theme
Salient Demo
Satellite7 Theme Satellite 7 Demo
Shine Theme
Shine Demo
Silicon Harlem Theme Silicon Harlem Demo
Simplify Theme Simplify Demo
SiteOrigin Theme SiteOrigin Demo
SKT Full Width Theme SKT Full Width Demo
SKT Parallaxme SKT Parallaxme Demo
SMThemes - SolidStructure Theme
SolidStructure Demo
Spacious Pro Theme Spacious Pro Demo
Stargazer Theme Stargazer Demo
Stockholm Theme
Stockholm Demo
Suco Theme Demo
Sydney Theme Demo
Temper Theme Temper Demo
Tesseract 2 Theme Tesseract 2 Demo
The 7 Theme The 7 Demo
The Core Theme The Core
The Flavour ThemeThe Flavour Demo
Themler Theme Themler Demo
Total – Responsive Theme Total Demo
uDesign Theme
uDesign Demo
U – Theme Demo
Ultra Theme by Themify Ultra Demo
Uncode (Child Theme)
Uncode Demo
Unicon Theme
Unicon Demo
Uplift Theme
Uplift Demo
Versatile theme
Versatile Demo
Visia Theme
Visia Demo
Virtue theme Virtue Demo
Vulcan theme Demo
WP-Prosperity Theme WP-Prosperity Demo
WP Residence Theme (not recommended)
WP Residence Demo
X theme & Pro Theme X-Theme Demo
XTRA Theme XTRA Demo
Zerif LITE T Zerif LITE Demo

Need some help?

If you need assistance setting up your theme to work with Easy Property Listings  purchase priority support and submit a support ticket. We will be happy to help.