How to re download all your listing images

Perhaps you have deleted some of your listing images using cPanel and want to re-download all your listings images again. 

Simplest solution if only a few listings have missing images

If you only have a few listings missing images, the easiest way to resolve the images is to delete the listing and remove it from the trash. 

Full re download of all images

For the more extreme issue where you have deleted all your images, you will need to re-download them all with the following steps.

Step 1: Disable the Import Record Skipping Option

Visit the Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Extensions > WP All Import add-on settings. Select the disabled option. This will now re-import everything from FeedSync and everything will be updated including your missing images.

Step 2: Run your WP All Import Job

Visit Dashboard > All Import > Manage Imports. Select Run on each of your import jobs.

Step 3: Re Enable record Skipping

Once you have run all your imports, enable the record skipping setting that you disabled before.