How to delete listings from FeedSync

@requires FeedSync 3.0 or greater.

In some cases you might want to delete listings that are stored in FeedSync due to a change in provider. If you are importing listings into WordPress they can't be deleted from WordPress because all the imported listings are controlled by what is in FeedSync.

Enable FeedSync Reset

By default this option is disabled and the way to enable this is by editing the config.php file in the feedsync directory on your server. We do this to prevent accidental deleting of listings so its a good idea to disable this option once you have removed the listings.

Open the config.php file using the Hosting/cPanel file manager or via FTP.

/** Set to true to enable listing database reset and selecting and deleting entries */
define('FEEDSYNC_RESET', false );

Change false to true and save the file.

Login to FeedSync and you will now have the ability to delete selected listings.

Check the listings you want to delete and press Delete selected records?

Now that those listings have been deleted from FeedSync the next time your import runs, they will be removed from WordPress.

Once you have made your changes, set the FEEDSYNC_RESET option back to false to prevent accidental removal of your listings.