Editing Meta field labels and attributes on new & edit listing page

EPL provide super flexibility to WordPress developers for addition, deletion and modification of meta fields & sections via huge set of pre-defined filters.

Example : changing default label of meta fields

Here we in this example we are going to change "Lease Period" label to "Lease Type"

looking at meta-boxes-init.php

	'name'        =>    'property_com_rent_period',
	'label'        =>    __('Lease Period', 'epl'),
	'type'        =>    'select',
	'opts'        =>    epl_listing_load_meta_commercial_rent_period()

we can see that name of the field is 'property_com_rent_period'  . 

EPL provides filter for every field with this syntax :

apply_filters('epl_meta_'.$field['name'], $field_defaults);

Rename a field

So to modify label "Lease Period" to "Lease Type" we need to add filter & modify label as follows :

function my_edited_property_com_rent_period($field) {
	$field['label'] = __('Lease Type','epl');
	return $field;

Using same filter we can modify every attribute of field like input type options defaults etc .