epl_meta_box_block_ filter to remove listing meta sections

Lets say you want to completely remove the Additional Features area from your listings you can use the epl_meta_box_block_ filter to do this. Add the following to your theme functions file or a custom plugin.

Additional Features Remove SectionUsing this filter will allow you to remove listing details sections from Easy Property Listings.

Metaboxes are divided into sections, each section contains one to multiple fields.


add_filter('epl_meta_box_block_'.$group['id'], 'callback_function');

Example: Unset the Additional Featured Section

function my_epl_unset_additional_features($group) {
add_filter('epl_meta_box_block_epl_additional_features_section_id', 'my_epl_unset_additional_features');

Section Names available for this filter

  • epl_property_listing_section_id
  • epl_features_section_id
  • epl_additional_features_section_id
  • epl_features_section_id_single_column
  • epl_property_address_section_id
  • epl_pricing_section_id
  • epl_property_rent_id
  • epl_rural_features_id
  • epl_commercial_leasing_id
  • epl_commercial_features_id
  • epl_business_features_id
  • epl_attachments_section_id

How to remove meta values and sub groups

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