epl_meta_unset filter to remove meta values

Variable options are available to filter core meta boxes, one can choose between them as per their requirements .

To filter a specific field

Syntax :

add_filter('epl_meta_'.$field_name, 'callback_function');

Example : Unset multiple fields in meta boxes

function my_epl_unset_fields( $field ) {
add_filter( 'epl_meta_property_rooms', 'my_epl_unset_fields' ); // Remove property_rooms.
add_filter( 'epl_meta_property_outdoor_entertaining', 'my_epl_unset_fields' ); // Remove property_outdoor_entertaining.

Metaboxes are divided into groups, each group contains one to multiple fields, Groups can be filtered too using meta box group filters

Syntax :

add_filter( 'epl_meta_groups_'.$group['id'], 'callback_function' );

Example : Unset house features group

function my_epl_unset_house_features($group) {
add_filter('epl_meta_groups_house_features', 'my_epl_unset_house_features');

NOTE: Removing any address fields will prevent the geocoding from being able to calculate the lat/long results for listings.