MyDesktop Website Property Data Feed REAXML FeedSync Setup

In order to import REAXML listings using  FeedSync from MyDesktop you need to complete, sign and fax the application form below to MyDesktop. The reaxml portal push part of MyDesktop has a setup fee of $220 + ongoing monthly fees. Contact MyDesktop for cost specifics.

Once everything is configured you will be able to  process the REAXML files with FeedSync and import listings into your WordPress website with WP All Import Pro and configure server cron commands to automate everything. MyDesktop delivers updated and new listings hourly to your FTP account. We recommend setting FeedSync to process files every 8 minutes and your import jobs hourly.

How to send listings from MyDesktop to your website via FTP?

Once you have completed the application form and MyDesktop has activated your FTP feed, your MyDesktop software will display an additional option in each listing under the Visibility settings for each listing. 

In order to import listings from MyDesktop you need to tick the Office Web Site for each listing.

How to publish a listing to your FTP feed for FeedSync processing

  • Once logged into MyDesktop, they go to a specific property and bring up the property details.
  • Towards the top of the screen under ”Visibility”, a checkbox will be displayed called “Office Web Site”
  • This checkbox will not be activated until we activate the website data feed for their account

What’s involved in setting up a client to push listings to FeedSync?

Before any setup is performed, the MyDesktop customer must sign and fax back the application form.

How do I get MyDesktop Premium Lite to push listings to my website?

MyDesktop has two versions of its Software. The  MyDesktop Premium Lite and their Premium CRM.

Website Data Feed application form to confirm their agreement to the fees.

Once MyDesktop receive the signed application form, they will require the FTP which you should provide when sending them the form they will activate the website data feed. MyDesktop will then “flush” through all of the listings to the FTP account ready for  FeedSync. Logs are kept with each listing in MyDesktop.

What happens if my FTP host is down?

Data files will be queued by the MyDesktop feed and delivered once the FTP host is available.

How often does myDesktop send listings to the feed?

MyDesktop pushes listings and updates hourly.

What is the MyDesktop server IP address?

The address is