Getting Started With the Importer Add-On

Configuring your imports with WP All Import Pro is actually quite easy when you follow the correct procedure detailed below. In this example we will walk you through how to configure your REAXML imports from  FeedSync.

NOTE: This plugin requires WP All Import Pro 4.2.6 or greater and Easy Property Listings to operate.

Install the WP All Import Add-On for Easy Property Listings

Visit Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and search for Easy Property Listings

Install and activate the plugin.

Once activated enable the record skipping

Visit Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Extensions > WP All Import Add-On and Enable record skipping.

Import your script templates for your format

Visit Dashboard > All Import > Settings

Included with your  purchase of FeedSync the imports scripts are txt files with all the fields populated for your listing format like REAXML. You can also purchase the scripts separately here.

Select Choose File and select the script template to import, once imported it will be listed.

Create your import job

Next is to create your import in All Import > New Import

Insert your FeedSync URL for your listing type and press Download, import data into New items and Create New Properties.

Adjust the Create new Properties, Rentals, Land, Rural etc depending on your FeedSync selected listing type. 

Note: FeedSync Residential = Properties

Select your import element

On step 2 of configuring your WP All Import import you need to select the parent XML element from the list on the left side under What element are you looking for?

Depending on the import you are configuring ie residential, rental, land, rural, commercial, commercialLand, business for the REAXML format.

Once the correct node is selected you should see a your listing data correctly.

Load your import template

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and Load your import template which will set your title, content and populate all the Easy Property Listings fields with settings. Press continue.

Set a friendly title and ensure the uniqueID is correct

Open the Configure Advanced Settings and give your import a unique name so you know which one is which as you may be configuring land, rentals and rural depending on the listings from your real estate agent feed provider.

Save and Run your import

Check the import summary screen and run the import. 

Confirm and Run Import

Once the import is complete check that your listings are looking great and create additional import jobs for other listings in FeedSync.

  • Rental
  • Land
  • Rural
  • Business
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Land

Once you have configured your imports you can manually run the imports to see how that run.

Next is to configure the server cron jobs to automate your imports.