This is the default listing status in Easy Property Listings. Additional status can be added to suit your requirements.

NOTE: These statues are coded into several functions throughout the plugin and changing them is not advised. 

Default in meta-boxes-init.php

$opts_property_status = apply_filters (  'epl_opts_property_status_filter', array(
		'current'	=>	__('Current', 'epl'),
		'withdrawn'	=>	__('Withdrawn', 'epl'),
		'offmarket'	=>	__('Off Market', 'epl'),
		'sold'		=>	array(
			'label'		=>	__('Sold', 'epl'),
			'exclude'	=>	array('rental')
		'leased'		=>	array(
			'label'		=>	__('Leased', 'epl'),
			'include'	=>	array('rental', 'commercial', 'commercial_land', 'business')

Customised Filter

function my_epl_custom_status() {
    $fields = array(
        'current'   =>   __('Current', 'epl'),
        'withdrawn' =>   __('Withdrawn', 'epl'),
        'offmarket' =>   __('Off Market', 'epl'),
        'sold'      =>   array(
            'label'     =>   __('Sold STC', 'epl'),
            'exclude'   =>   array('rental')
        'leased'        =>   array(
            'label'     =>   __('Leased', 'epl'),
            'include'   =>   array('rental', 'commercial', 'commercial_land', 'business')
        'tenancy-agreed'        =>   array(
            'label'     =>   __('Tenancy Agreed', 'epl'),
            'include'   =>   array('rental', 'commercial', 'commercial_land', 'business')
        'under-offer'        =>   array(
            'label'     =>   __('Under Offer', 'epl'),
            'include'   =>   array('rental', 'commercial', 'commercial_land', 'business')

     return $fields;
add_filter( 'epl_opts_property_status_filter' , 'my_epl_custom_status' );

Note: Under offer is a tick box in the pricing on listings for sale. An under offer listing is "current" until it becomes "sold" and this is so it appears in search results.