epl_image_sizes filter to change the default image sizes

When Easy Property Listings is activated it registers two image sizes with your WordPress installation. A 300x200 px fixed crop size and a 100x100 admin thumbnail.

You can adjust the default sizes using the epl_image_sizes filter by adding the following to your theme functions file.

function my_epl_image_sizes_filter() {
	$sizes = array(
			'id'			=>	'admin-list-thumb',
			'height'		=>	100,
			'width'			=>	100,
			'crop'			=>	true
			'id'			=>	'epl-image-medium-crop',
			'height'		=>	300,
			'width'			=>	400,
			'crop'			=>	true
	return $sizes;
add_filter( 'epl_image_sizes' , 'my_epl_image_sizes_filter' );

Once you have set your new sizes, check that the crop is correct using the EPL Listing widget and select 'epl-image-medium-crop' and right click. You will need to add a new image for this test. With your new size set when you inspect the image you should see image_file_name_400x300.jpg

Now this will only apply to new images added to WordPress listings. In order to apply this to all the images that you have already added before adjust the size, use a plugin like Force Regenerate Thumbnails.

NOTE: Once you implement the filter to alter the image sizes the new size will ONLY work for newly added images. So ensure you use the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to re-process all the existing images to the new size you have set. If you are doing a quick test to check if the size is suitable, re-upload an image to a listing which will generate the image size to your size specified in the filter.