Getting started with Propps

Propps is a lead generation system that allows buyer, tenants and sellers to communicate with you through the Propps service. As this service can be used by many, consumers become used to using specific services to make contact, create listing offers and more.

The Propps service provides analytics on interactions made by potential customers.

Introduction to Propps

A brief overview of Propps digital offer management platform


Once you have a Propps account you will need to generate a Propps API Key from your account.

Enter your Propps App ID into the Extension settings, you can get this from your Propps account.

Enable the output location ands and view your listing to see the button.

You can rename the Propps button from within your Propps Account and also configure your branding of the overlay.

Button Label

The button label is configured from your the Propps account.

Button Styling

You can disable the button styling with the Remove default styling option and then use the Custom CSS classes for button option to specify a custom class name that you can then apply styling to the button.

Overlay Styling

The overlay styling is handled from within your Propps account.

Example of a Propps overlay.