LockedOn Images on listings are incorrect

This is due to how the LockedOn CDN (content delivery network) stores the images.

The image are stored in directories however the actual filename of the image is 2 characters in length. For example:


During the import process WordPress only sees the 48.jpg and imports the image as 48.jpg which means if you have a lot of listings then there are going to be multiple instances of the same image name.

How to resolve this

All you need to do is update your WP All Import script and use the one called:

REAXML (some version) - Image Rename

Grab this from your account as its included with your purchase of FeedSync or the WP All Import Scripts.

Import that that script into WP All Import Pro and replace all your imports with the new script.

See how to add the new script > Install and activate WP All Import Pro and import the Script Template

With the new script in place the images are renamed to the unique listing ID + -2.jpg,-3.jpg etc making them uniquely named images.

Once the scripts are imported, select Load Template on each of your imports and select the REAXML (some version) - Image rename version and save your import.

This will correct future imports only. We find the easiest fix if only a few images are effected is to delete them and remove them from the trash. You can then manually force the import to run.