Getting Started with the Inspections extension

The Inspections extension adds open for inspection lists and printing capability to Easy Property Listings. 

While activated it enables additional shortcodes for you to use to produce inspection lists of your listings and provides different display options for you to select from. Here is an example of the inspection shortcode list style using the modern template.

[epl_inspections style=list template=modern]

Here's how to configure the default inspections extension.

Setting your default display settings

When you activate the plugin, a new settings tab will be added to Easy Property Listings > Extensions called Inspections. 


These settings will control the default options when using the [epl_inspections] shortcode. 

This means you only need to pass the post_type option to the shortcode to create a separation of For sale and For rent inspection pages.

Style: Style that will group your inspection lists.

Template: Inspection template.

Toolbar: Display the toolbar above inspections times.

Print Selected Listings: Display the print selected listings option. Requires the toolbar to be enabled.

View More Label: Label displayed on some templates.

Single Inspection Times: Display Inspection times table on single listings.

What the settings do

The above settings control these options when using the [epl_inspections] shortcode.

Print Options

These options control the view of the print list page that is displayed when the user selects print list or print selected.

Trigger Print Preview: When enabled the browser print dialogue box is automatically triggered.

Banner Image: Upload your banner image, recommended size is 1,000 pixels wide.

Banner Position: Position of the banner image.

Office Details: Details that appears at the end of the inspection list.

Disclaimer text: Smaller text that appears at the end of the inspection list.

Displaying your inspections

Once you have configured your inspections settings you can now create a page and use the [epl_inspections] shortcode to display your inspections.

See the [epl_inspections] documentation on the different shortcode options you can use.