Alter the price slider label, prefix, suffix and separator from the default values. The Prefix is for the currency which comes from the Easy Property Listings > Settings > Currency.

Use the following function and alter the label, prefix, suffix, separator as you see fit.

function my_price_slider_filter( $defaults ) {

	// Alter the Label before the values. Default: Price Search
	// Omit if not required.
	$defaults['epl_field_slider_property_price_global']['label'] = 'your label';

	// Specify a number prefix. Default: Currency Setting EG $
	// Omit if not required.
	$defaults['epl_field_slider_property_price_global']['prefix'] = '';

	// Specify a suffix. Default: BLANK
	// Omit if not required.
	$defaults['epl_field_slider_property_price_global']['suffix'] = '';

	// Alter the separator between the two values. Default: -
	// Omit if not required.
	$defaults['epl_field_slider_property_price_global']['separator'] = ' to ';

	return $defaults;
add_filter( 'epl_search_slider_fields' , 'my_price_slider_filter' );