Description #

Returns the option value based on an option name. Also applies to extension options.

Usage #

If the options does not exist or does not have a value, then the return value will be false. This is useful as the function will not return an error if you have not configured a default option during plugin  installation.

$my_setting = epl_get_option( $key , $default = false );

Parameters #

(string) (Required) Name of the option to retrieve.

(string) (optional default is false) Default value to return if the option does not exist.
Default value: false

Return #

(mixed) Value set for the option.

Changelog #

2.2 Introduced

Examples #

Default Usage

Use the following example to New Label value.

$my_new_label = epl_get_option( 'label_new' , $default = 'Just Listed' );