[listing_element] Shortcode

The Listing Element feature allows you to output listing elements on your pages and posts using a simple Shortcode, which is great for page builders like Elementor, WPBakery Builder/Visual Composer, Oxygen builder and many more. There are a variety of options available with each Shortcode in Easy Property Listings.


You can output a listing element like this:

[listing_element type="action" action_key="epl_property_price"]

Use this shortcode in page builders

This shortcode was created to make it easier for you to create templates in the variety of page builders that exist that support custom post types. 

Some page builders:


There are several options that may be specified using this syntax:

[listing_element option1="value1" option2="value2"]

You can also print a map in a template like so:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[listing_element type="action" action_key="epl_property_price"]'); ?>

All Options



The following options are accepted:


specify the type of hook or option to use. This is a required option.

  • action
  • meta
  • post
  • suburb_profile
  • formatted_address
  • excerpt
[listing_element type="action"]

specify the action hook name for output when using type="action".

See the content-listing-single.php for a number of action names.

[listing_element type="action" action_key="epl_property_price"]

specify the key when using type=post option. Keys are:

  • ID
  • post_author
  • post_date
  • post_date_gmt
  • post_content
  • post_title
  • post_excerpt
  • post_status
  • comment_status
  • ping_status
  • post_name
  • guid
  • menu_order
  • post_type
[listing_element type="post" post_key="post_title"]

specify the key when using type=meta option. Keys are any custom post type meta field. Meta fields returned are un-processed saved values.

[listing_element type="meta" meta_key="property_bedrooms"]

View all available custom meta fields here.