[listing_open] Open for Inspection/Home Open shortcode

All you need to to on a post or page is add the shortcode called [listing_open] to output all your properties that have an open for inspection time. Add this to your posts and be happy that it will never be out of date as it dynamically generates depending on your current inspection schedule.

Easily add a shortcode to a page or post and it will always only show properties that have a current home open so your posts and pages will always be up-to date
The l isting_open feature allows you to output your listings on your pages and posts using a simple Shortcode. There are a variety of options available with each Shortcode in Easy Property Listings.
You can output listings by a specific type like this:
[listing_open post_type="property"]


There are several options that may be specified using this syntax:
[listing_open option1="value1" option2="value2"]

You can also print a list of listings in a template like so: <?php echo do_shortcode('[listing_open post_type="property" limit="50" template="table"]'); ?>

Option Order

Note: The order of the options is important so order your options correctly to get the best result.


The following options are accepted:


specify which property type to display. The default is any activated listing type you have enabled. The option allows you to output multiple listing types by comma separating them "property,land" Options:

  • property
  • land
  • rental
  • rural
  • commercial
  • commercial_land
  • business
[listing_open post_type="property,land"]
specify the number of listings that are output. The default is 10. For Example, to display 30 listings:
[listing_open limit="30"]

specify the template to use when outputting listings. The default is the blog view. Options:

  • slim
  • table
[listing_open template="table_open"]
specify the location of the listing so you can create a Sydney page and only output listings in that city. The option used is the location slug which works similar to post categories.
[listing_open location="sydney"]
specify outputting the grid and sort options. Default is off.
[listing_open tools_top="on"]

for future use

[listing_open tools_bottom="off"]

specify outputting the order of the listings. Default is sorted by date newest first. Default is date. Options:

  • price
  • date
[listing_open sortby="price"]

specify the order either ASC or DESC. Default DESC. Options:

  • ASC
  • DESC
[listing_open sort_order="ASC"]

specify outputting the pagination options. Default is on.

[listing_open pagination="off"]

Shortcode Options

'post_type' 		=>	$property_types //Post Type
'limit'			=>	'-1' // Number of maximum posts to show
'template'		=>	false // Template. slim, table
'location'		=>	'' // Location slug. Should be a name like sorrento
'tools_top'		=>	'off' // Tools before the loop like Sorter and Grid on or off
'tools_bottom'		=>	'off' // Tools after the loop like pagination on or off
'sortby'		=>	'' // Options: price, date : Default date
'sort_order'		=>	'DESC'		
'pagination'		=> 	'on'

The order of the options is important with WordPress shortcodes.