epl_inspect_real_estate_id Listing ID filter

When importing listings from FeedSync some providers may actually provide a different listing ID to the Inspect Real Estate service. Normally this would just be a unique prefix to the listing ID;

EG the listing ID on your website is 123456

However Inspect Real Estate might receive ire_123456 making record matching by the listing id not possible.


Use the epl_inspect_real_estate_id filter to alter the listing ID sent to Inspect Real Estate so that the listing can be fetched correctly with all the inspection details.

Login to your Inspect Real Estate account and review the Loc/Link tab:

Look in the External Link box at the URL &unique_ID=ire_ <<<

Notice in this case there is a ire_ prefix applied to the unique ID.

Use the following filter to prefix your unique ID with ire_

// Add prefix to inspect real estate property ID
my_epl_inspect_real_estate_id( $property_id ){
     $new_id = 'ire_' . $property_id; // Adjust based on IRE
     return $new_id;
add_filter( 'epl_inspect_real_estate_id' , 'my_epl_inspect_real_estate_id' );