Zip Extension Required error message with FeedSync

In order to process zip files that are supplied by some REAXML providers like Rockend Rest, Console and Surga you will need to enable the zip extension in cPanel.

How to check if the Zip Extension is enabled

First check that you need it from FeedSync by visiting FeedSync > Help > System Info

The System Status page will let you know if everything is configured correctly. FeedSync will automatically attempt to set the directory permissions. 

How to enable the PHP zip extension in cPanel

Login to your cPanel account and press Select PHP Version.

By default your hosting may have the extension disabled so take note of the PHP version you are currently running and select the option not showing the native (X.X). Once selected you MUST press Set as current to save the settings BEFORE you tick the zip module.

Select the zip extension and press save.

How to check that the ZIP extension is correctly enabled

Jump back to the FeedSync System Info page and refresh and you should see the Zip Module as Enabled.