Post Types Supports epl_property_supports filter

The listing types in Easy Property Listings are configured using  WordPress custom post types and are configured by default with the following options:

  • title
  • editor
  • author
  • thumbnail
  • excerpt
  • comments

These are applied with the epl_property_supports filter which allows you to alter the post type supported options.

To alter the default post type support options create a function and add to your theme functions or custom filters plugin.

Add custom fields to the array of supported options to each of the listing types.

function my_epl_property_supports_filter() {

	$array = array(
		'custom-fields' // Add the custom field editor
	return $array;
add_filter( 'epl_property_supports' , 'my_epl_property_supports_filter' );

Once the filter is added to your functions file you will be able to add custom fields using the WordPress custom field options.

The issue with using the custom-fields is that all custom fields will be listed and a better way to add custom fields to Easy Property Listings is show here.