How to completely replace the meta boxes with the epl_listing_meta_boxes filter

In some cases you may find it easier to completely override all the custom fields located in the meta-boxes.php file. You can achieve this with the epl_listing_meta_boxes filter.

NOTE: This is best used in a custom plugin.

When editing your listings the only custom field shown will be My Custom Heading, so its better to start with the complete contents of the epl_meta_box_init function and modify from there.


function my_custom_epl_metaboxes( $epl_meta_boxes ) {

	global $epl_meta_boxes;
	$epl_meta_boxes = array(

			'id'		=>	'epl-property-listing-section-id',
			'label'		=>	__('Listing Details', 'easy-property-listings' ),
			'post_type'	=>	array('property', 'rural', 'rental', 'land', 'commercial', 'commercial_land', 'business'),
			'context'	=>	'normal',
			'priority'	=>	'default',
			'groups'	=>	array(
					'id'		=>	'property_heading',
					'columns'	=>	'1',
					'label'		=>	'',
					'fields'	=>	array(
							'name'		=>	'property_heading',
							'label'		=>	__('My Custom Heading', 'easy-property-listings' ),
							'type'		=>	'text',
							'maxlength'	=>	'200'
	return $epl_meta_boxes;
add_filter( 'epl_listing_meta_boxes' , 'my_custom_epl_metaboxes' );