Custom Brochure List Templates

The  Brochures extension allows for custom templates to be used for creating your own unique brochures.

Setup your theme template folder

First create a directory inside your theme/child theme folder called {YOUR_THEME}/easypropertylistings/

Next copy the default loop template file from the plugin located in plugins/easy-property-listings/lib/templates/content/loop-listing-blog-default.php and place it into the easypropertylistings folder you created inside your theme.

Rename the file from loop-listing-blog-default.php to loop-listing-blog-custom.php where custom will be your new template name.

Using your custom templates

When you use a shortcode and specify your custom template that will be used to display your listings.

[epl_brochures_list template="custom"]

All you need to do is edit your loop-listing-blog-custom.php file as required.

Add as many custom templates as you need following the same process.

[epl_brochures_list template="{CUSTOM_TEMPLATE_NAME}"]
[epl_brochures_list template="red"]
[epl_brochures_list template="green"] 
[epl_brochures_list template="blue"]