Jupix Real Estate Sales and Lettings Documentation

Importing listings into Easy Property Listings with the import add-on and WP All Import Pro is a cinch. Werecommend you configure your cron jobs to once per day as part of the Jupix feed terms of service.

The Jupix format is a widely used real estate listing format in the UK and is widely supported.

Below is the excerpt of the fist page from the well documented Jupix specification document.

JUPIX-Website-Listing-XML-Data-Specification.pdfv2 : 2014-02-18

Who is this document for?

This document is intended for third party web companies who wish to receive agent’s properties on a nightly basis for the purposes of displaying them on a website. This XML data specification is the only way to extract property data from the Jupix software system.

The Jupix team does not provide technical support on any other aspect of the XML service other than to ensure its availability. Technical queries should be directed to support@jupix.com

There is no charge to the estate agent for using this XML feed.

How does the feed work?

You will be expected to retrieve the data from our servers nightly between 2200hrs and 0700hrs the next day every night by calling a unique URL. The feed will contain all on market properties and related media. (See the ‘images’ section for more information)

New properties – New properties will be included in the feed and will have a new unique propertyID and all their media (photographs, floorplans, EPC graphs, PDF’s etc) will be supplied.

Existing Properties – all property information will be supplied along with the propertyID to help identify a previously imported property. Media links (photographs, floorplans, EPC graphs, PDF’s etc) will be supplied but will contain a modified attribute that should be used to determine whether the media needs to be downloaded, or has already been obtained previously.

Removed properties – these will not be provided in the feed so should be removed from your system.