Search Results Not Found Labels

There are two filters that allow you to adjust the test displayed when a search is performed and no results are found. The default messages are used in the archive-listing.php template files.

You can either follow the  theme setup guide and place the archive-listing.php file in your theme or use the following filters to modify the displayed message.

Default message displayed is:

Listing not Found

Listing not found, expand your search criteria and try again.

Changing the displayed messages

You can modify the title displayed with a simple function placed in your theme function file or custom plugin.

Title Filter


Example function to modify the title:

function my_epl_property_search_not_found_title( $label ) {
	$label = 'My Custom Title';
	return $label;
add_filter( 'epl_property_search_not_found_title' , 'my_epl_property_search_not_found_title' );

Message Filter


Example function to modify the message:

function my_epl_property_search_not_found_message( $label ) {
	$label = 'My Custom Message';
	return $label;
add_filter( 'epl_property_search_not_found_message' , 'my_epl_property_search_not_found_message' );