Land Category Filter epl_listing_meta_land_category

With the epl_listing_meta_land_category filter you can add additional options or reconfigure the fields to suit your needs if the default Residential and Commercial options are not sufficient.

Core Function

 * Custom Meta: Land Categories
 * @since 1.1
 * @file /lib/includes/functions.php
 * @return all the categories in array
function epl_listing_load_meta_land_category() {
	$defaults = array(
		'Commercial'			=>	__('Commercial', 'epl'),
		'Residential'			=>	__('Residential', 'epl')
	return apply_filters( 'epl_listing_meta_land_category', $defaults );

How to modify the select options with the epl_listing_meta_land_category filter

Adjust the array of options by adding more entries as required. Take care with the single quotes when copying and pasting, if they are the slanted style they can cause a fatal error. Add the following to your theme functions file or helper plugin you can re-use on other sites.

 * Custom Meta: Land Categories custom options filter
 * @return array of values
function my_epl_listing_meta_land_category_options( $optons ) {
	$options = array(
		'Commercial'		=>	__('Commercial', 'epl'),
		'Residential'		=>	__('Residential', 'epl'),
		'Rural'			=>	__('Rural', 'epl'),
		'Coastal'		=>	__('Coastal', 'epl'),
	return $options;
add_filter( 'epl_listing_meta_land_category' , 'my_epl_listing_meta_land_category_options' );<br>