Commercial For Sale and For Lease filters

You can adjust the display of "For Sale", "For Lease" and "For Sale and Lease" with the following filters for the commercial listing type.

Commercial Pricing Label Filters

  • epl_commercial_for_sale_label - Default is "For Sale"
  • epl_commercial_for_lease_label - Default is "For Lease"
  • epl_commercial_for_sale_and_lease_label - Default is "For Sale and Lease"

For Sale

function my_epl_commercial_for_sale_label() {
       $label = 'My For Sale';
       return $label;
add_filter( 'epl_commercial_for_sale_label' , 'my_epl_commercial_for_sale_label' );

For Lease

function my_epl_commercial_for_lease_label() {
       $label = 'My For Lease';
       return $label;
add_filter( 'epl_commercial_for_lease_label' , 'my_epl_commercial_for_lease_label' );

For Sale and Lease

function my_epl_commercial_for_sale_and_lease_label() {
	$label = 'My New For Sale and Lease Label';
	return $label;
add_filter( 'epl_commercial_for_sale_and_lease_label' , 'my_epl_commercial_for_sale_and_lease_label' );