How to Upgrade to FeedSync 2.0

What you can do is download the new version and unzip to your computer.

Take a backup the existing version and all processed files for safety. Then upload the /feedsync/core folder into your existing /feedsync directory. Replace the index.php file and create your database and configure your config.php file with the database settings. Leave GEOCODE setting to OFF if you need to process lots of files as you have a 2,500 limit per day from Google.

Now you can remove the old /feedsync/lib folder.

Leave the following folders so your files remain intact and your ftp account still works for your provider and you have no interruption to your current imports:

  • /feedsync/input
  • /feedsync/output
  • /feedsync/processed

Next move the files inside the /feedsync/processed folder into the /feedsync/input folder and process them. You will now get a list of all the entries and their status from the listings page. Don't close your browser during this process or importing will stop. Once its complete press the Process Missing Coordinates to geo-locate the listings.

Once they are in and geocoded you can edit the config.php file and set the GEOCODE setting to 'ON' (Use uppercase ON) working on a fix for that so it won't matter but ignore the instructions in the config.php file. Use uppercase 'ON'

FeedSync generates the XML on request now from the database and you can get the output URL's from the help page.

Now follow this tutorial:  How to manually update your import scripts for FeedSync 2.0