How to create your own custom theme templates or modify existing ones using the theme template loader

You can create your own templates by creating a folder inside your theme folder called easypropertylistings

Next all you need to do is copy the template file from the plugin folder and edit that, the plugin will use the files located inside the theme before the plugin version.

Template files are located in:


Copy the following two main template files and edit as you see fit. All output fields are contained inside and are all executed via action hooks which is much easier to edit and customise.

  • content-listing-single.php // Single Listing
  • loop-listing-blog-default.php // Archive Listing

Editable Templates

  • content-listing-single-compatibility.php // Single Listing: When theme compatibility mode is enabled from settings
  • loop-listing-blog-default-compatibility.php // Archive Listing: When theme compatibility mode is enabled from settings
  • loop-listing-blog-slim.php // Archive Listing: Used with shortcode [listing template=slim]
  • loop-listing-blog-table-open.php // Archive Listing: Used with shortcode [listing template=table_open]
  • loop-listing-blog-table.php // Archive Listing: Used with shortcode [listing template=table]

So to customise the single template you will place the files into the following folder:


You can also place archive-listing.php and single-listing.php inside the folder and adjust that as you need.

We want this to be easy and endlessly flexible.

If you need assistance visit the support options.