Disable Listing Post Type Rewrite

This constant allows you you to disable the "pretty URLs" for the listing post types. Some sites, particularly thoes not using the property post type archive, may want to remove the rewrite structure of the custom post type entirely. This constant allows you to do that.

To disable the rewrite, place this in your theme’s functions.php, or any custom plugin:

Property define('EPL_PROPERTY_DISABLE_REWRITE', true );

Rental define('EPL_RENTAL_DISABLE_REWRITE', true );

Rural define('EPL_RURAL_DISABLE_REWRITE', true );

Land define('EPL_LAND_DISABLE_REWRITE', true );

Business define('EPL_BUSINESS_DISABLE_REWRITE', true );

Commercial define('EPL_COMMERCIAL_DISABLE_REWRITE', true );

Commercial Land define('EPL_COMMERCIAL_LAND_DISABLE_REWRITE', true );