How to create your own custom templates for the Staff Directory extension

We have created a dynamic template loading system in Easy Property Listings and its extensions allowing you to customise your templates as you see fit. With the template loading system you can customise and load the templates from your theme instead of the default templates inside the Staff Directory Extension.

Create a folder in your theme/child theme called easypropertylistings

EG: themes/YOUR_THEME/easypropertylistings/

Next copy the templates files from the extension located in:

plugins/epl-staff-directory/templates/ and place these inside your theme's easypropertylistings folder.

Template files that can be used:

  • content-directory-box-simple-card.php // Archive page eg YOUR_URL/directory
  • content-directory-box-simple-grav.php // Archive page eg YOUR_URL/directory
  • content-directory-single.php // Single Staff member using Page Style Author Box
  • content-directory-single-big-image.php // Single Staff member using Page Style Big Image

Make a minor change to the template files inside your theme and you will be able to see that your theme templates are being used. This allows you to customise the templates to suit your website design.