How to modify listing categories with filters

Insert the following functions into your theme functions.php or mini plugin like the zip file below to modify the default categories for your requirements.

All you need to do is edit the list of choices you need with the program value on the left and the human readable on the right.


'casa-saved'	=>	'Casa',
'unit-saved'	=>	'Nifty'


'home'		=>	'Single-Family Home',
'condo'		=>	'Condo',
'townhome'	=>	'Townhome',
'loft'		=>	'Loft',
'tic'		=>	'TIC',
'apartment'	=>	'Apartment',
'mobile'	=>	'Mobile',
'houseboat'	=>	'Houseboat'

Download the mini plugin epl-filters