WP Rocket Cache

Using cache plugins on your website is a must to maximise website performance to minimise database requests and downloads for your visitors.

WP Rocket is an excellent plugin that can be uses to cache your WordPress site to provide a speedy user experience for your website visitors.

Once you have installed and configured WP Rocket on your site this will automatically cache all website pages and create static version so improve speed. 

Cache Clearing

By default when you update posts or listings or pages that pages will clear its cache and WP Rocket will generate a new static cached version of that page. The same works for your blog or listing archive pages. If you update a blog post or a listing then the single blog post or single listing will update AND WP Rocket will also automatically update your home page, blog archive and listing search results archive pages.

Automatically purged URL's:

  • Home
  • /property/
  • /rental/
  • /land/
  • /rural/
  • /commercial/
  • /business/
  • Edited listing
  • Edited page
  • Edited post.

Force cache clearing on pages with listings

WP Rocket by default will not update the cache of a page that you have created for example called For Sale, For Rent, Sold or Leased pages even if they have dynamic listings displaying on them using shortcodes.

These pages are considered static so say you update the price of a listing that new price will not be reflected on this page with shortcodes. 

Note: The home page will update automatically if a listing is updated.

What you need to do is specify these other pages in the WP Rocket settings so that when your listings are updated the For Sale page will also have the cache cleared.

from your WordPress dashboard navigate to Dashboard > Settings > WP Rocket > Advanced Rules

Scroll down to the Always Purge URL(s) and add the pages where you are displaying listings (one per line).

  • for-sale
  • for-lease
  • sold
  • leased

Use the slug for the page you have created as they may differ from this example.