How to restore a BackupBuddy backup using Import Buddy

We use the fantastic BackupBuddy plugin by iThemes to backup and restore the site we work on for our customers and here is a quick tutorial on how to restore a BackupBuddy backup using importBuddy.

Step 1 - Upload your BackupBuddy zip and importbuddy.php file to your server using cPanel or FTP

Step 2 - Launch importbuddy.php from your server and insert your authentication key

The authentication password prevents others restoring your backup.

Step 3 - Select the backup to restore

Step 4 - Create and configure your database settings

Step 5 - Migrate the URL

Step 5 - Test and finish your site restore

Thats how easy it is to restore a WordPress website with BackupBuddy by iThemes

Thats all there is to restoring a backup using iThemes BackupBuddy and the included ImportBuddy restore plugin. We use this process all the time and its a cinch to restore and migrate WordPress websites.