How to create a contact form that sends an email to the author with Gravity Forms

Using the Gravity Forms advanced Allow field to be populated dynamically option will allow you to automatically populate a hidden field with the authors email address.

We use  Gravity Forms on all our websites as it is a fantastic form builder system and highly recommended.

Once you create a contact form that will be placed on a listing page or in the author box contact tab add an additional Email Field and call it Author Email.

Select the Appearance tab and add a Custom CSS Class to hide the field. 

In order for the hidden class to take effect and actually hide the field, add the following to your theme stylesheet.

.rec_hidden_field {
     display:none !important;

Next click the Advanced tab and tick the Allow field to be populated dynamically option and insert author_email in the Parameter Name option. The parameter author_email is built into Easy Property Listings.

The author_email parameter will automatically add the author's email address to the form when the listing is viewed.

Now save your form and head over to Form Settings > Notifications and edit the Admin Notification.

You can now set the Send To option to Select a Field and choose your hidden Author Email address. When a customer submits an enquiry the Admin Notification will be sent directly to the author/agent who can respond to the client and help them with their enquiry.