How to manually update your import scripts for FeedSync 2.0

The first step is to deactivate your cron jobs and you can easily do this by modifying the WP All Import Pro secret key. Much simpler than editing your cron jobs on the server.

Visit Dashboard > All Import > Settings

Add DISABLED- to the beginning of your secret key

Visit your Dashboard > All Imports.

Manage Imports

Update your Import Settings for your import jobs

Step one is to use the new import URL that is generated by FeedSync. You will need to do for each of the imports you have set-up. In the Download from URL enter in the new FeedSync output option presented to you on the help tab.

Update FeedSync URL

Using FeedSync 2.0 you can import all listing status in a single import saving you having to separate current, sold, leased, withdrawn etc.

Previous way: http://YOUR_SITE_URL/XML/feedsync/outputs/feedsync-current.xml

New Way http://YOUR_SITE_URL/XML/feedsync/feedsync/listings.php?action=do_output&status=current&type=residential

Just change the type=residential to the required listing type.

  • type=residential
  • type=land
  • type=rental
  • type=rural
  • type=commercial
  • type=business
  • type=commercialLand

Note: REAXML format uses residential to but is imported as property. You can test the output contents by pasting the link in your browser (Google Chrome displays XML in an easy to read format).

Once you have added your new output you can enable the Update existing posts with changed data in your file option under Record Matching heading to update the Date and Custom Fields.

Record Matching

Press Save Import Configuration

Note: If you wish to retain the other scripts for sold/leased you can filter the listing output by using &status=current &status=sold or &status=leased for the rental type.


http://YOUR_URL/XML/feedsync/feedsync/?action=do_output&type=residential&status=current http://YOUR_URL/XML/feedsync/feedsync/?action=do_output&type=residential&status=sold


http://YOUR_URL/XML/feedsync/feedsync/?action=do_output&type=rental&status=current http://YOUR_URL/XML/feedsync/feedsync/?action=do_output&type=rental&status=leased

Update and add the new FeedSync geo-coder field

Next you will need to press Edit Import from the Manage Imports page only for the current type.

Open the Custom Fields setting on your Edit Import screen and look for the custom field called:

Address Coordinates

Change {address[1]/Geocode[1]} to {feedsyncGeocode[1]} to use the new coordinate field.

Use the new firstDate field to keep your listings in the correct order.

The REAXML format does not have a date field for each listing, the only date provided is the modTime which is always changing. So with FeedSync 2.0 we have added that field and the first time a listing is detected the initial modTime is saved to the firstDate field which will allow you to better use the New label.

Scroll down to the Other Property Options area and under the Post Dates use this command instead {firstDate[1]}

That is why we selected the date to be updated on the Import Settings page.

Next you can Run Import for each of your import jobs. Once imported you can go back to the Manage Imports page and turn off the Update existing posts with changed data in your file.

Delete your sold/leased import jobs

You can delete the Sold/Leased imports and import all the listings in a single import job with FeedSync 2.0.

Best Practice is to tick the Do not remove images for each of your sold/leased import jobs before deleting those jobs first.

Reactivate your cron jobs by removing the DISABLED- from your secret key

Remove DISABLED- from your secret key.