FeedSync Installation Help Version 1.3

How To Use The FeedSync REAXML Processor

Your first step is to determine where you want your XML files to be saved on your server. We recommend placing them into http://your_domain/XML/ but they can be placed in any folder you choose.

Once you have decided where you want to save the files, inform your feed provider of this location and give them the necessary FTP details to access your website. On a cPanel type we usually recommend the folder:public_html/XML/

Once your feed provider have setup your feed when you visit your XML folder you should see the property data XML files. eg:

  • commaus_2013-12-24_09-36-06_2.xml
  • commaus_2013-12-25_07-35-59_3.xml
  • commaus_2013-12-29_01-36-04_4.xml

Now that the files are on your server you can install the FeedSync program by unzipping the feedsync.zip file and FTP the contents into the XML folder you have decided on. Your XML folder should now have 2 additional folders.

  • /imported
  • /wc-processor
  • commaus_2013-12-24_09-36-06_2.xml
  • commaus_2013-12-25_07-35-59_3.xml
  • commaus_2013-12-29_01-36-04_4.xml

Litespeed and Apache users

In order for the plugin to work you will need to disable a security setting in Litespeed web server called 'Script Restricted Directory Permission Mask' this security setting prevents uploaded scripts in a directory from being executed. Once disabled the pluign will operate.

Performing the The Initial Setup

There is only one file that you need to edit in order for your FeedSync to work which is the feedSync-settings.php file located in the wc-processor directory. Open up your FTP program and enter the folder and look for the settings file and open it up in a text editor.

All you need to do is tell the program where it is and this goes back to the URL you selected before eg:http://your_domain/XML/

Just replace feedsync_xml_url with http://YOUR_WEBSITE/XML/ and you are good to go!

Now just visit the XML folder and click on the wc-processor directory link to open the FeedSync program.

How To Setup Your Cron Job

Once your feed is working correctly and you have successfully processed your initial feed manually you can create a cron job on your server to process the files automatically.

Login to your server cPanel account (usually just add /cpanel to the end of your domain name. Once you have logged in look for the Cron Jobs button. On the Cron Jobs page under the Add New Cron Job under common settings select Once an Hour and insert the following into the Command box and press Add New Cron Job.

Copy the Cron Command Below from your help page inside FeedSync
/usr/bin/php -q /home/YOUR_SITE_DIR/XML/wc-processor/feedSync-cron.php

Now your FeedSync will check for new files and run if it finds any in your XML directory.