How to diagnose import problems with FeedSync and WP All Import Pro

If you encounter issues in the future this is how to diagnose the issue.

  1. First check that FeedSync home page to see if files are waiting to be processed. If nothing is pending as they are listed on the home page then FeedSync is fine.
  2. Check the WP All Import logs from Dashboard > All Import > Manage Imports > History Logs
  3. The cron times are displayed on the page so you can quickly see if everything is working correctly.
  4. If you have some listings that have not changed details, either because the file missed processing the fastest way to fix is to edit the listing and make a minor change in the feed provider software. This will send the listing through the process and update.
  5. If the listing has not changed status and is still appearing as current and should be sold, best way is to log into phpMyAdmin and edit the feedsync database for that entry and change current to leased or sold, depending on property type.