The easiest way to add additional features to a listing is with the Features taxonomy which works just like post tags.


Add additional custom fields to the list

This filter allows you to add your custom fields to the features list output.

Once you have added your new custom field eg: property_my_new_custom_field you can add it to the epl_property_additional_features_list filter

function my_epl_property_additional_features_list( $array ) {
	$array[] = 'property_my_new_custom_field'; //whatever your new field name is
	return $array;
add_filter( 'epl_property_additional_features_list' , 'my_epl_property_additional_features_list' );

Replace features displayed

You can replace the entire list of additional features items using this additional filter:

function my_list_epl_property_additional_features_list( $array ) {
	$array = $array; // Original items in array

	$new_array = array(
	return $new_array;
add_filter( 'epl_property_additional_features_list' , 'my_list_epl_property_additional_features_list' );